"Happy Birthday" + Cupcake (pink variations)

Any kind of pink cupcake will surely say Happy Birthday in a special way! All cards have “Happy Birthday!” printed on the inside next to a bejeweled cupcake.

Choose from hot pink or raspberry on white paper, white cupcakes on pink, or chocolate brown on pink paper.

Cards measures 4” x 5” and comes with a cream colored envelope.

*Please note the silver and yellow versions come on white card stock, not cream, with a white envelope.

Card is packaged inside a plastic sleeve.

Cards by Irene

The idea for Cards by Irene started one day in a Seattle apartment in 2004. Irene was on vacation and her boyfriend at the time (now husband & business partner) was at work. Eric came home to an apartment that smelled of rubber cement and pieces of paper scattered all...

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